Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411


The laboratory conducts chemical analyses of your products, thereby safeguarding the quality of all incoming and outgoing goods.

Dekker's lab is fitted with sophisticated equipment to study all quality aspects of products. As such, Dekker can carry out a wide range of researches. 

Our scientifically qualified members of staff vouch for the speedy checks they carry out. They specialise in analysing the high-quality products stored and transported by Dekker.

Dekker can carry out the following analyses:

  • Gas chromatography
  • FFA (Free Fatty Acid) in accordance with the DGF method
  • Colour measurements in accordance with Lovibond
  • Water assessments in accordance with Karl Fischer
  • Viscosity in accordance with Brookfield meters

For further information please contact Dekker:

+31 (0)180 898570


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Dekker Transport & Tankopslag
IJsseldijk West 66
2935 AR Ouderkerk a/d IJssel

Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411
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