Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411


Many products demand specific treatment in the logistical process of their raw materials. Dekker deals with the entire logistics chain, from start to finish.

Throughout the years, Dekker has won the trust of a large number of national and international clients in this field.

Dekker frequently transports, stores and treats the following raw materials: 

Other products

Our services do of course go beyond the products listed on this website. Dekker also handles products that require a special approach. If you want to find out more about the possibilities, please contact us. At Dekker anything is open to discussion.



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Dekker Transport & Tankopslag
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Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411
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