Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411

Professional cleaning of tank trailers and IBCs

Both in the Netherlands and Belgium, Dekker has sophisticated cleaning units for the interior and exterior cleaning of both its own rolling stock and that of third parties. In addition to cleaning tank trailers, IBCs are cleaned and dried using the correct resources, all in accordance with the standards of corporate social responsibility.

The rolling stock is cleaned under strict conditions, for which we have a modern cleaning unit and an engineering department that takes care of maintenance. These services are a logical addition to the services for the storage, transhipment and transport of liquid foodstuffs.

Dekker's steam system offers the possibility of kosher cleaning. Once the equipment is clean, Dekker prepares the cleaning documentation.

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+32 (0)52 200411


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Storage : +31 (0)180 898550
Transport : +31 (0)180 898525
Cleaning :   +32 (0)52 200411
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